Tuesday, August 12, 2008

LPR Take 2

I think the LPR game needs that radio thing working sometime soon.

Bubbled in 4th last night after Tragedy got his revenge after countless suckouts by yours truly. I runner-runnered 2 pair with KQ vs his AA early on, had my QJ beat his AJ in the middle, and finally lost with my KQd vs his AA all-in on an inside straight draw on the flop (I was totally pot committed by that point). I was going to fold it preflop to his re-raise, but then figured he might be on an underpair or Ax... and that I didn't really care about the $20 or whatever it was for 3rd, so I called hoping to catch any part of the flop. Terrible play by me, but I was donking it up huge all game.

I hear IT won it... congrats on winning your own damned tournament. Fix! FIX!!!! I kid, he played a pretty good game and should have eliminated me at least twice. Of course, I should have eliminated him once earlier on but folded to two all-ins... so we're evenish :)

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Unknown said...

Evenish, I had to borrow your horseshoe.

Sheesh, I fought back from 1300 chips.

Ok, See ya later,

I hate AA

Where are my ducks?