Thursday, August 28, 2008


My 10 Choices for TIFF:

$5 a Day - Christopher Walken as a scam artist who claims he's dying, and travels to New Mexico with his son and son's ex girlfriend.

Adam Resurrected - Jeff Goldblum as a Jewish clown who is demeaned in a concentration camp by Willem Dafoe during the Holocaust. It's a comedy.

Afterwards - John Malkovich knows when you're going to die, and freaks out someone by telling them.

Chocolate - Muay Thai ass-kickings for everyone!

Edison & Leo - A brilliant inventor can only hear with his teeth, and he accidentally turns his son electic. Stop-motion animation.

JCVD - Jean Claude Van Damme plays himself as a washed up actor searching for meaning... then he gets caught up in a bank robbery. Self-effacing, and had a ton of buzz coming out of Cannes.

Me and Orson Welles - Richard Linklater's TIFF entry. 'Nuff said.

New York, I Love You - If it's as good as Paris Je T'aime, I'll be happy. 13 directors, 13 stories, all about love and taking place in NYC. Cast? Kevin Bacon, Rachel Bilson, Orlando Bloom, James Caan, Hayden Christensen, Julie Christie, Chris Cooper, Andy Garcia, Carla Gugino, Ethan Hawke, John Hurt, Shia LaBeouf, Cloris Leachman, Drea de Matteo, Natalie Portman, Maggie Q, Christina Ricci, Goran Visjnic, Robin Wright Penn, Anton Yelchin, and others.

Synecdoche, New York - Charlie Kaufman's directorial debut. 'Nuff said.

Waltz with Bashir - An Israeli man served in the invasion of Lebanon. He doesn't remember anything about it and strikes out to see what his role was. Cool visual style with rotoscoping sold me on it.


C'est Pas Moi, je le Jure! (It's Not Me, I Swear!) - Life in Quebec in 1968 for a young troublemaking boy with an unhappy family life. Something about the description struck me as endearing.

Control Alt Delete - Ryan Gosling's best friend from Breaker High has sex with computers.

Is There Anybody There? - A boy living in a senior's home (owned by his parents) befriends a curmudgeonley Michael Caine. I'll see just about anything with Michael Caine in it.

Pontypool - Washed-up shock jock ends up as a VERY small town DJ in northern Ontario. He heads to work... then the zombies show up.

Uncertainty - Almost made my top 10, but was pushed out by Afterwards. A young couple decides how to spend the 4th of July. The film is two stories - as at the moment of their decision, two sets of them go in either direction, and the movie covers both options, showing the differences a mundance choice can make.

Vinyan - I believe this is a horror. Rufus Sewell (SO underused) and Emannuelle Beart don't leave Thailand after losing their son to the tsunami, clinging to the hope he survived. They follow a video that shows a child that MIGHT be theirs in an orphan camp they head off to find him... it sounds far more psychological than gory, and could be a really interesting ride.

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