Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tuesday Pimpage

Like you don't already know about Tao of Poker's 5th birthday tournament tonight. Whatever, here ya go:

I'm signed up, now I just have to rememeber to open the Stars client before 9pm EDT.

The Skill Game is tonight too at 9:30. It's double-stack HORSE, which I despise. I may show up regardless though. I mean, I like 2 of the 5 games involved. That's 40%, or a coinflip if you're a blogger.

I also "played" in the Live Poker Radio game last night. I showed up at about 10:45, pretended I was still sitting out, and finally pushed my tiny blinded-down stack with A9d to Numbette's limp before me. She called with presto and I didn't improve. One active hand, I'm super-tight!

You know what the LPR game needs? RADIO! Yah yah, technical difficulties. These problems weren't around when it was BDR...

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