Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The 2008 Toronto International Film Festival is next week, and as usualy, I've got my 10-pass book lined up. The ticketing period starts today, which means a program book and a lot of time scanning through film choices.

I'm a bit annoyed though. In previous years, the Visa Screening Room at the Elgin Theatre was part of the usual program. This year, it's become a "gala" locale, which means $40 tickets! Fuck that shit.

So expect somewhere around 10 film reviews starting sometime next week.

Meanwhile, I'm going to publically kick my own ass here. I bought a Casio Exilim s600 in March of 07. When I returned from Iceland last summer, it stopped holding a charge. I looked online, and this was a known problem. It wasn't until TODAY (over a year later) that I called Casio... of course it's now out of warranty and I have to buy a new battery. This is where procrastination gets you kids.

I could go through my credit card company (1 year automatic extended warranty), but I get the feeling it won't be worth it. I'd need to mail the receipt (it's online, so no problem there), the original warranty (I never registered, but looking at Casio's online version of it, they don't cover the battery, even though they DO in this instance), and possibly an insurer's claim?? Well, it's not like I went to an adjuster for a dead battery... and then Visa might reimburse me for repairs.

But I can buy a compatible replacement batttery for $30 up the street from my place. I spend that in poker games in a night, so is it worth my time and hassle to follow up the insurance claim for a $30 battery? If I really wanted, I could probably find a US site to ship it to me even cheaper, or wander to the surplus store on my way home. Verdict? No. Next time though, don't wait a fucking year to call about the damned battery.

Which reminds me, I still have to submit my taxes for 2007...

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