Thursday, August 14, 2008

Alpa Chino Chinos

I saw Tropic Thunder last night. One VERY funny movie. I liked it more than Pineapple Express, and is probably the best spoof that's been out in years. It's NOT, however, a war movie spoof, but a shot at the movie industry. The blackfaced Robert Downey Jr. is an obvious jab at method actors and those who physically change for a role. If that wasn't enough, Ben Stiller's Simple Jack is a sledghammer to the cranium about actors playing disabled people for Oscars. The thing is, if you have at least 3 or 4 functioning brain cells, you'll see these "controversial" characters for what they are - digs at the industry, not literal jokes at the expense of race or disability. And they're funny in that regard.

The opening trailers alone were brilliantly funny and started off the movie with a theatre practically in tears.

Sure, there were a couple slow parts, but nothing interminable. Plus, Nick Nolte plays great with a flamethrower.

Throw in some brilliant cameos, and Tom Cruise in his best role in... a long damned time (and his funniest ever), and it's worth the price of admission. Unless you don't like laughing that is.


Then I got home, played The Mookie and went out 22nd when I put someone I don't know on AK when I held 99...

UTG limps, I raise to 4x the BB + antes with the nines. I get called by a guy who's played $1 SnG strategy all night long (UTG minraise = AK, which he'd limp-call all the way down with, 4x raise re-raise? 66 is good for a call, etc.), and then a short all-in call happens after him. UTG flat calls.

Flop comes 46T rainbow or something similarly unthreatening. UTG instantly pushes over 7k into the 6k pot (1.5k side). I think about folding my remaining 3.1k before replaying. Limp UTG? Flat-call a raise, call, all-in call? I put them on AK. I call. $1 SnG instacalls all-in. Cards come over and UTG has QQ? $1 SnG has 77, and the short all-in has A9o. Just to finish it off, another Q comes on the river.

Bad call by me? Obviously in hindsight, but I had a read and went with it, so I don't regret the call. 77 was getting better than 4:1 to call I think, so it's hard to fault him. The A9o... he was short and desperate. The QQ though... wow. Either tricky and ballsy or just plain stupid. LIMP QQ UTG? Flat call a raise and two calls? Who the hell wants to bring QQ into a 4-way pot? The push looks (now) like "Oh shit, I'm a fucking moron who got lucky on this flop, maybe I can get rid of Ax with a push." At the time, it smelled like two overs to me (I mean, why push your set on that board?), but not an overpair. First read I've had dead wrong in a while.

Ah well, I logged off and called it a night. Okay, I played Gears of War for an hour and THEN called it a night. I haven't a clue who won, but Waffles was once again doing quite well when I left. I imagine he bubbled.


Shrike said...

I outlasted Waffles, for one!

Mike Maloney said...

Waffles busted in the teens...NYRambler beat me heads up to win.