Monday, August 18, 2008

Starting Over

Perhaps it's the increased activity of summer, or just general malaise, but I'm playing far less poker these days and loving it.

Sure, I still hit up a blogger game or two during the week, and I still manage at least one SnG every couple days, but I'm feeling no NEED to sit down and sling chips, virtual or otherwise. It's quite relieving. I'm able to get some other things done, and even multitask while doing them.

But I'm still playing. The problem is that I'm now at a point where I'm very bankroll aware. I hate reloading, and I used to do it quite often. Thinking about it now though, I don't think I've reloaded in... many months. I came close a few times, but always managed to pull out a win when needed. Now though, I've dropped my online roll to some low levels. I got rakeback last week and it tripled my account... to just over $100. No more $24 Turbo SnGs, or even $12 ones... nope, $7.50 right now, which I realize is still poor management. I don't do it because I can't afford the reload, but for the principle of the thing. I don't WANT to reload, and I should care about the money, even if it is relatively insignificant in the big picture.

Of course, that doesn't translate to the real world. I played in my club's $200 deepstack yesterday, and came in 4th (of a mere 11) for $0. KQ runs into AA 4-handed with a Q on the flop and an aggressive chipleader. Next time.

Aw hell, I'm off the Mookie top 25... now I really need to pick up my game.


8 ears of corn, about 10 peaches, a box of strawberries, 3 oranges, pint of cucumbers, some tomatoes, squash, deli-sliced elk, boar bacon, and probably more stuff I'm forgetting... another weekend of farmer's market and organic box to get through. Fruit smoothie, peaches, tomato-cucumber sandwich, and some corn of course eaten so far...

Delicious meal on Saturday, thanks again to my co-cook best friend. Lemon & thyme roasted chicken, mustard potatoes, spinach and summer peas, and blueberry cobbler for dessert. Which reminds me, I still have some roasted cherry tomatoes to devour.

Which brings me to the whole diet thing. Weight and shape haven't shifted due to excuses to eat and late nights of late. I've also been lazy... a KEY to any diet is writing down what you're eating. It brings the calories into focus with minimal effort. So for my own benefit, I may use this space for such purposes.

Ie.- Today so far - 1 peach, 2 tiny yellow plums, mug of coffee, salad (romaine, chicken, cordon bleu chunk of chicken, grape tomatoes, chickpeas, real bacon bits, cheddar cheese, feta, cucumber, sundried tomato-wrapped cheese, roasted red pepper, red pepper, yellow pepper, balsamic vinaigrette), about 10 large cherries.

No idea yet on dinner... probably corn on the cob (maybe two ears), and possibly elk on rye with some smokey mustard and butter.

And see? Just writing it out made me realize how much better I could have done on that salad. Why put the bacon on (other than bacon = awesome)? Three types of cheese? The cordon bleu was delicious though.


Had an epiphany last week that in hindsight was totally obvious. I just can't bring myself to read through financial news ad nauseum like most people in my workplace... but I will spend copious amounts of time reading poker blogs. So I've started subscribing to various finance blogs! Mostly Canadian ones, but still... I feel like an idiot for not doing it sooner. Some of the key stuff brought down to brass tacks, and a few under-the-radar bits sneak through too.


mookie99 said...

I hear ya about playing poker. My laptop never left the bag this weekend.

Enjoying other things in life right now.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Tough thing about financial blogs is trying to decipher what's true and what's bullshit... and who's writing what for whose benefit... wait... that sounds just like a poker blog...