Monday, August 25, 2008


We made it to Casino Niagara yesterday for some craps. It was fun.

Departure was a few minutes early, with a stop for our 3rd pickup (E - LJ and Fuel saw/met him last Dec in the Caesar's poker room). Our traditional stop at the food court complex in Grimsby was made, where inferior pizza was "enjoyed".

Arrive at the casino at 1:30 would lead to 5 hours of dice rolling action. It was a pretty standard run of ups and downs, with all 3 of us coming close to bust a couple times before HUGE rebounds (usually on our own solid rolls). VinNay showed up after getting stuck in traffic and rain for an interminable length of time (Canada obviously hates the guy), but didn't catch one of the really hot streaks. He ventured to Blackjack for a bit, hit the video poker, and called it a day after a few hours... a shame, because if he'd stayed at the table, he'd have done alright.

A couple times, we were the only guys playing, but we kept it loud and spirited the whole time, drawing some railbirds who eventually put their money down. TWO firebets were hit (for 4 points), one by N, and one by another guy. I was one point away from hitting one myself. Of course, when N hit the firebet, I only had $1 down, not my customary $5 for friends. Someone had stepped to the table ahead of him, and I assumed the new guy was getting the dice... nope! Dammit. $25 instead of $125 for that roll.

In the end, we left a crew that liked us (being the only ones tipping or talking), and a table that missed us, with a nice solid profit in pocket. I more than doubled ($650 profit, and probably another $50 or so given away in tips), E also more than doubled (but started with far less), and N did pretty well himself.

Oh, and I played max odds the whole way.

Of course, I couldn't leave without hitting the slots. Two spins, up $200 at Blazing 7's... I played down another $50 for $150 profit total. I dropped $40 on my burger girl slots (which SUCKED), and we called it a day. Steak dinner for us winners, Tanquery Ten martini for me, and home for a rest.

Now there's talk of Atlantic City in the future... hmmmm...


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BWoP said...

I can't believe you lost money on the burger girl slots!!

This is why Canada sucks.

Astin said...

LJ - AC!!!

CK - I know! Although they were next to the buffet in a dark corner, so I should have known they'd suck.

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