Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So I finally saw Avenue Q last night (only in Toronto for a month)... it was good.

The first act was great! A theatre laughing out loud, with some great songs, taboo subjects, and even the fully-expected intermission climax.

The second act? Trite, sappy, and severely lacking the balls that had been shown in the first half. Walking home, my friend and I discussed the many ways the 2nd half could have been improved... one or two solid laughs and a few chuckles pale in comparison to the 70 minutes of hilarity it started with. That's not to say the 2nd half was TERRIBLE, but man did it not live up to its potential. It felt like they stretched it out to 2 hours, and then couldn't figure out how to do what they wanted in the 2nd half. I'm actually not that surprised it was originally meant to be a TV show.

And mark my words - it will be a movie at some point. I just hope they shore it up.

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Instant Tragedy said...

Thats the problem with some writing efforts. If you get to the good stuff too early... you end up disappointed.