Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Congrats to Pauly for getting 519 runners for Tao's 5th birthday tournament. I have no idea who won because I went out 214th after a total mental shutdown.

I'd been floating around the bottom, but staying alive when I saw JJ. I raised, committing myself, and then FOLDED with 310 chips left to a re-raise. Why? Because I was also playing the Skill game and hit "fold" without realizing it was the same hand I'd raised earlier. FUCK!

Next hand, JQo, I'm all in and lose. What a moron.

That said, the play overall was absolutely TERRIBLE, but for that buy-in and that number of players, I'm not surprised.

I also played the Skill Game after PirateLawyer talked me into it. I told him I was committing 1/6th of my FT bankroll to play, so I'd better win.

I came in 3rd for a $31 profit, plus a couple bucks for KOs. I still hate HORSE. I can't believe how many times I sucked out or just got crazy hands with mediocre holdings. I went from dead last to 1st place at the final table in about 5 hands at one point.

But the game got plenty fun once we were down to 4. TBA, NumbBono, and some other dude (ezemlime or something?) were getting tired and bored... Numb and I must have bounced from last to first a half dozen times as we kept giving away chips and taking them back. Everyone was chatting it up again and that helped with the boredom that is limit razz.

Mookie tonight, but I have plans to go see Pineapple Express, so I'll likely miss it. Unlike the LPR game on Monday, I don't plan to donate and not play. Someone beat Waffles early, okay?

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