Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Transit Curse

I give up.

Ever since I started taking public transit regularly (university), I've been cursed by it.

I admit, I more often than not run things to the wire. I'm running out the door to catch the last train possible to get in before it's FAR too late. The problem arises when I'm actually doing just fine time-wise.

For example today. I got up, got ready, and still had time to put some stuff together for breakfast. Then I casually walked to the station (around the corner from my place), realized I had no tokens, and as I was buying them hear this announcement - "Attention subway passengers, we're currently holding southbound at [the station due north of me]. Repair crews have been dispatched..." FUCK!!!!

So I bound up the stairs, run-walk a few city blocks to the other side of the loop (yay Toronto layout!), run down into THAT station, and just miss the southbound train there. The next train is right behind it, which just means it's stopping all the way down the line as it waits for the first train, and I stroll in as soon as the opening bell is going.

So now I look bad, when I should have been in earlier than usual. This shit happens all the time... it's no wonder I don't bother.

Or, I guess I could aim to be legitimately early/on-time and have a bigger window for these fuck ups, but that would be responsible.


Riggstad said...

Yeah but its so much easier to blame something else! No?

Buy a motorcycle, or Vespa. Vespa no longer equates feminism or gheyness anymore because Gas costs more than a train.

Plus I thinks its gone the complete opposite and now you actually attract a little ass with a Vespa.

Any word from Olga? Damn I miss her!

Astin said...

Absolutely! I know I have no one to blame but myself, but I'm far too lazy for that.

And actually, any form of motorized transportation would take longer than the subway. I live 7 minutes door-to-door if everything's timed right. Driving would take at least 15 minutes after you factor in parking, elevator switching, etc..

Yes, that's how close I cut it. I walk home, but subway in because I like the extra 13 min of sleep it affords me.