Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cold Revenge

Returned to my regular home game today. I was in 1st place in the ToC standings for it after winning the biggest tournament they'd had during the year, and taking second to a donkey in the last one (and a couple final tables in between those). $20, 700 chips, and rebuys for the first 4 levels.

I bought in once, and rapidly built a massive chip lead. At the break I had 80 BB and close to double the 2nd biggest stack. That stack barely dwindled as people slowly dropped. My stack and loose-yet-catching image was enough to scare off the usual calling stations, and I was able to bully my way around. When we got heads-up, it was versus the same donkey I'd lost to previously. It was time to revenge myself.

I look down at the first hand (on the button), and it's snowmen. I minraise (600 more), he re-raises twice my bet (2400 total), I give him an incredulous look and say, "okay, I'm all-in", with a dismissive wave of my hand. He briefly agonizes over his cards (I'm obviously ahead), and calls... he flips over K9o and I blink in disbelief. He hits his 9 on the flop, but a glorious 8 comes on the river and he's done in one hand, and I have a pretty much insurmountable stranglehold on the ToC standings with only one game left before the ToC itself. I don't think being 1st gets me anything but respect, but I want that image at the ToC.

Toss in a pretty good cash (4+ BBs) in the blogger cash game on Friday, and it wasn't a bad weekend for poker at all. About time I had one.

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