Thursday, September 04, 2008

Intelligence, Insulted

This is the ad being run around the country by the Conservatives. See, they're calling for an election next month. If this is the kind of crap their voters swallow, I might tour the country smacking people upside the head.

Amateurish political ads. Obvious pandering (really? an old veteran with medals on his chest?). I'm surprised there's only two non-white people in the whole thing. Oh, and he looks like a freakin' pedophile at the end. This is the ad that gets approved? Could it be any more obvious that these people are reading off a script? I mean, there's at least two where you can follow their eye.

Politics aside, this is a terrible ad for anybody to run. Welcome to Canadian politics.

Oh, and unless that girl at the very end lives in Harper's riding, she's not actually voting for him, she's voting for the Conservative party and the her local member of parliament. We don't vote in the Prime Minister here, he's the leader of the party that gets voted in.

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Anonymous said...

"I might tour the country smacking people upside the head"

I might just join you on that trip.