Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fooooootball Followup

In my continued quest to give the worst possible advice on football, let's see how my out-of-my-ass picks went...

NYG def WAS - My pick - NYG
ATL def DET - My pick - ATL
BAL def CIN - My pick - CIN
BUF def SEA - My pick - SEA
NYJ def MIA - My pick - NYJ
NE def KC - My pick - NE
NO def TB - My pick - TB
PHI def STL - My pick - PHI
PIT def HOU - My pick - PIT
TEN def JAC - My pick - TEN
DAL def CLE - My pick - DAL
CAR def SD - My pick - CAR
ARI def SF - My pick - SF
CHI def IND - My pick - IND
GB def MIN - My pick - GB
DEN def OAK - My pick - OAK

So 10 out of 16... 62.5%. Not terrible for not giving a shit. I'll refine my strategies for this week.

Like, I shouldn't have picked Oakland just because I picked Indy and didn't want am equine-heavy picklist. And perhaps personal hatred of Buffalo isn't a good enough reason to toss aside more tested methods (like, even though I don't know what a "Bill" is, they have to be more comeptent than a latte-sipping pothead from Seattle). Or even picking the Bengals... what the hell was I on?? It's not like they were playing Miami.

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