Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Week 2 Results

Let's see if I improved...

CHI @ CAR - CAR - Picked CHI
TEN @ CIN - TEN - Picked TEN
GB @ DET - GB - Picked GB
BUF @ JAC - BUF - Picked JAC
OAK @ KC - OAK - Picked KC
IND @ MIN - IND - Picked MIN
NUG @ STL - NYG - Picked NYG
NO @ WAS - WAS - Picked NO
SF @ SEA - SF - Picked SF
ATL @ TB - TB - Picked TB
MIA @ ARI - ARI - Picked ARI
SD @ DEN - DEN - Picked DEN
NE @ NYJ - NE - Picked NE
PIT @ CLE - PIT - Picked PIT
PHI @ DAL - DAL - Picked DAL

So 10 out of 15, or 66.67%. A mild improvement over the previous week, only because there was one less game. Faults in my strategy? I still took the Jaguars based on not picking the other feline-based teams. I have to stop this bias. I also apparently guessed wrong on the type of Bear in Chicago. One can only assume henceforth that it is, in fact, a Teddy Bear. Who could have guessed that Washington and Oakland would have won? I forgot that racist stereotypes don't care about religious icons, and that Raiders with guns probably beat Chiefs. As for Indy beating MIN? I should have listend to Ohcaptain and realized that these aren't the tough-as-nails row-across-the-Atlantic Vikings, but the pansy-ass stay-at-home-and-drink-mead variety.

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