Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sick Day

So I called in sick yesterday and watched the market massacre from home. That got boring after a while, so I decided to use my time more wisely.

I finally started my taxes (due last April, but they owe me, so no biggie from a legal standpoint), and now I just need to make sure I'm not missing anything (I think I am, but hardly enough to make a difference). I went through some papers. Seems I have a dormant bank account that I should have dealt with 7 months ago. Whoops, I guess I'll pay the $20 to reactivate and maybe shut it down.

I made some Julep Iced Tea (I have the book this recipe came from, it's fantastic).

And I catalogued my DVD collection. I'll make a rough estimate at 235 titles. If you expand the box sets to their individual titles (ie.- the Alien Quadrilogy is actually 4 movies), it's probably more like 250. Kind of disappointing actually. That, and I STILL don't know who the hell has my copy of Harld & Kumar Go to White Castle. I'm about halfway through entering them all into a database.

It was interesting how many times I said, "I own this? Really?" Some were pleasant surprises, others were just surprises. I think I'll need to sit down with A Bothersome Man again. I really liked that film. I also apparently still need to get Vexille... luckily, I do own Ghost in the Shell already (who knew? Not me!).

Oh, and I donked around at some poker... and fared horribly. I'll likely be reloading again soon... shortest time between reloads ever? I truly suck at poker these days.

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