Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What's That Creaking Sound?

Why, it sounds like the gears of government actually turning! Is the do-nothing Congress getting ready to... umm... well.. do nothing, I guess, but effectively?

It's starting to look like Paulson won't get quite what he wants with the $700 billion. There are rumblings of the Democrats none too happy with the lack of oversight, zero REAL regard for the taxpayer, lack of conditions for mortgage easement for homeowners (which I think is stupid anyway... just because you were too proud and greedy to realize you couldn't afford a home doesn't mean you should be bailed out), and the attitude of "please rubber-stamp this", and want to actually investigate and explore and analyze the bailout plan before okaying it.

Bra-fucking-vo! Maybe they'll even stumble across some alternatives that are floating around out there rather than buying up all the bad debt and holding it until it's good debt.

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