Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Further proof that skill doesn't mean a thing in the Skill Series - I took 2nd last night. I think that's my 2nd cash since CEM took it over... and possibly my 3rd time playing? Anyway, nothing overly memorable other than once again torturing PirateLawyer with my cards as usual (loved the nut flush vs 2nd nut flush), and cardracking BamBam with my Aces over his Kings in stud (with the rivered set for me and 2 pair for him). Oh, and a hand that I have a screenshot for at home... my 2-8 seven-card straight. That's got to be worth something extra, right?

Once again, I reload on Tilt, and I have a wave of cashes. I lack a hat made of any mettalic substance, but I love me coincidences.

1 comment:

BamBam said...

Always a pleasure.......
Right up to the set of Aces!