Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just in Case You Were Wondering

A sloe sour southern/comfortable screw against the wall on the beach with satin pillows and a kiss the hard way in Manhattan would have:

Sloe gin (sloe)
Southern Comfort (southern or comfortable)
Vodka (screw)
Galliano (against the wall)
Amaretto (with a kiss)
Frangelico (satin pillows)
Whiskey (the hard way)
Peach schnapps (on the beach)
Sweet Vermouth (in Manhattan)
Bourbon (in Manhattan)
Sour mix (sour)
Orange juice
Cranberry juice
Angostura Bitters
A marashino cherry
A twist

A little umbrella probably wouldn't be out of place either.


katitude said...

the SSSCSATWOTBWSPAAKTHWIM should be umbrella-less.

the concoction dissolves it.

Gadzooks64 said...

Make mine a double.