Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Going to the Polls

Yay! I can finally start to ignore US politics!

Why? Because us Canucks will likely be heading to the polls ourselves on October 14th. Yah, that's right bitches, we only need a month of campaigning, media coverage and empty rhetoric to make up our minds!

Vive le minority government!

It'll be a fucking disaster. Here's my predictions, with just about ZERO research:

Bloc Quebecois - will lose some seats, but still have a good-sized chunk.

NDP - Will gain some seats, unless they manage to shove their massive feet in their even bigger mouths.

Liberals - Oh are they gonna hate this. They'll still get most of the Ontario votes, but lose some power, probably to the NDP.

Green - They have a seat! They won't be contesting Liberal strongholds! They're morons for that last one! But I'd like to see their leader in the debates, she'll probably wipe the floor with Harper. I expect continued growth, keeping their seat in the house, and possibly even gaining another seat or two.

Conservatives - I expect status quo as the minority leaders. I'll be mildly terrified if they actually get a majority government. It'll be good for business, good for my taxes, but bad, bad, BAD for the soul of this country.

So I'm guessing that it'll play out with the Tories still in power, the Grits still the official opposition, but by far less, the Bloc as #3 mercenaries, going to the highest bidder, the NDP with a legitimate swing vote again, acting as the conscience of my home and native land, and the Green as the upstarts with stars in their eyes and a song in the heart.

I miss the Progressive Conservatives... so much better than this retarded Reform-cum-Conservatives party we have now.

Yes, we have 5 viable parties here... and a dozen more fighting for scraps. But the more I think of it, the more a minority government seems like a true democracy.

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