Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So let's see... I need to do laundry, clean up a bit, see what needs to be done before packing for the Bash (packing happens tomorrow). Load up the MP3 player for the drive, charge all necessary batteries.

Oh, and the PLAY THE MOOKIE! Poor Waffles needs 80 players to sign up in order to have a shot at 1st on the leaderboard, where he will then win bets against Tragedy, Bayne, and LJ. So let's do what we can and sign up! Even if you can't play, just donate! Waffles is even adding a $109 overlay for 1st place! That guy is so break-even, he's putting that up!

Now here's the beauty of that overlay. In order for Waffles to take the lead, he needs to win. If he wins, he owes only himself the overlay, so it ceases to exist! If someone else wins, it means Waffles doesn't get the leaderboard spot AND has to shell out $109! He loses twice!

Imagine actually getting 80 people signed up, and then having a non-Waffles winner? So now you have two options : Sign up to help out Waffles, or sign up to help screw over Waffles. Entirely your call. Just SIGN UP!

1 comment:

SirFWALGMan said...

I did the MATH and I think I am only screwed 1.5 times.