Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Poker Meh

I imagine that for live-only poker players, a bad streak runs for days, weeks, or even months - depending on how often they play. But for even a moderate-volume player like myself, the online streaks may pack in more games. Especially when you consider the ease of starting up another tiltfest.

Outside of blogger games, I've been pretty much exclusively playing 1-table SnGs, and sucking hard of late. Last night I took a 2nd place in a $22 Turbo, and a 3rd place in a $1 turbo (played specifically to donk some tilt out, and even after countless suckouts and terrible hands, I still got creamed on a bad beat).

I got home, fired up a late reg into the 50-50 (I had a hankering for some MTT action), and then made dinner while I sat out (couldn't play until the BB hit me anyway). I cut up a German Striped Heirloom tomato, some english cucumber, tossed them together with some feta and 10 year old modena balsamic vinegar and called that my appetizer. I also decided to clean the cats' litter and take out the trash, since it wasn early 10pm and that's the deadline for garbage chute usage in the condo.

I plunked myself down and foolishly reviewed what I'd missed. Trip queens on a turn, pocket aces that turned the set (and WON even though I was sitting out... so I wouldn't have made any more on that one), and some other halfway decent hands that could have won me some cash... and one that would have busted me. I then was card dead for the remainder of the tournament, with dwindling chip utility. I made the break and reheated some meatloaf and cabbage rolls for my main course before sitting back down (oh, and I also took 4th in a concurrent $22 turbo.. damn) and continuing to let my chips go away. I was able to steal the occasional blind, but finally got it in with TT (best hand since I sat down) and lost to AJ. That was frustrating, but entirely my fault.

I don't think I saw a whiff of a cash on the weekend... not fun to blast through a 1/3 of a recently reloaded BR on occasional play. Some of it very tilt-related.

I need to get some live play in I think... that will come Friday at a charity game. Unlike my last attempt at charity play, I won't really care too much about this one. It's a $20 shoot-out, no rebuy, 50 players, and I have no idea what the structure, starting stacks, or payout/prizes are. Yah, this is going to be well-organized.

At least with a shootout, there's no worries about table balancing. But with only 50 players, I imagine we're looking at around 7 players per table, unless they want a fuller final table and drop it to tables of 6 and 7. Since it's for charity, and there's only $1000 coming in, I imagine the pot won't be that big either. I think I'll ramp up my $1 turbo SnG play to prepare.

The more I think about it, the more I think there isn't a better way to untilt than live donkey poker that I don't care about.

Seeing Synecdoche, New York tonight at the film fest - Charlie Kaufman's directorial debut. I have high hopes.

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