Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gimme a B!

3 days. In 3 days I should be pulling into the Mainstay Inn and pre-apologizing to my liver. In 3 days, many a drunken donkey will descend on the "where the fuck is that?" town of Phoenixville to be... well... drunken donkeys.

It appears I'm on team Otis for the Pub Olympics... I'm SO the low man on that totem.

Otis, BigMike, BamBam, Pebbles, BobbyBracelet, CK, DrChako, Falstaff, Spaceman, and... me? Well, every team needs a luckbox :).

I'm psyched for The Bash.

1 comment:

BamBam said...

At least we have.....
The "fall down" tactic in our arsenal! G/L team ACH. You're going to need it!