Tuesday, September 09, 2008

When Topics Collide!

Who the hell is on McCain's staff? I just read this short piece on Palin and her opposition to the Clean Water Initiative in Alaska.

Now I'm not a miner (although I have friends who are), but looking over [pdf] the inititative, it seems pretty straightforward. If you're opening a new big mine, don't fuck up the water with your toxic shit. Nothing seems particularly onerous here.

But Palin "took off her governor's hat" and publicly stated she was against it. As the article states, this MIGHT be illegal in Alaksa. If it isn't, it's certainly against the spirit of the law disallowing a governor from lobbying for or against a ballot initiative.

Now I LOVE salmon, it's by far my favourite fish. I especially love pacific salmon. I even more especially love wild pacific salmon. I don't blink at the $18/lb price for the good stuff down at my local market (I mean, it has to be shipped across the whole country to get to me, and it's so much better than the Atlantic option). But even the raw economics of the situation (again, in the article) make it sound like a stupid stance to take on her part. It reeks of having a corporate hand in her pocket.

But there's no proof of that yet. I'll give Sarah the benefit of the doubt and assume she's just an idiot. Okay, even that's harsh - a small-town bumpkin who has no clue what she's doing. She's a political neophyte who has already made half a dozen gaffes in her short career and will trip over her own beliefs if she gets into office. She's ignorant, and no matter how much the GOP tries to gussy her up, she's still a transparent grab at Hillary supporters.

Seriously, she comes off as nothing more THAN a hockey mom. She's simplistic, seemingly unwilling to broaden her knowledge, goes with her own feelings before looking objectively at an argument, and frankly feels like a parent from buttfuck nowhere showing up in the big city and not understanding what's going on around her. Maybe she'll learn over time, but I somehow doubt it.

I kind of want to see McCain/Palin win... it would be 4 years of unending entertainment and Schadenfreude between McCain's stumbling around trying to toe the GOP line and Palin looking like the hick she is. What was with all the "small-town" bullshit at the RNC? Who the fuck wants a small-town person running the most complex country in the world? Do you want somone who barely knows how to use a calculator fixing your company's network? Look at the disaster that was Bush's foreign policy. Remember, he'd never left the country before becoming President. She's barely left her podunk town.

Not that it really matters, McCain and the GOP will squirrel her away into a dark corner if they get it. No way they actually let a woman have any power or say in matters. Unless McCain kicks it in office.

Okay, next political post will either be pro-McCain or anti-Obama, I need to bring some balance here... damned Libran nature.


Julius_Goat said...

I look forward to anti-Obama or anti-McCain or anti-Biden, or whoever, really. As long as you rant.

You're on fire.

Fuel55 said...

Let the puppetmaster breathe for god's sake ...