Thursday, September 04, 2008


Hey, let's talk about The Mookie! Went out somewhere in the twenties or late teens I think, when I shoved over Schaubs' bet who made a... daring call with TPJK on an all-spade flop with the 4th-nut flush draw. Of course, I had pocket 7's which were no good and went home. I figured I could get him to fold there while I still had some equity. Guess not. You make a move and it fails, that's the risk you take.

Enough poker for now.

Don has been putting up some great stuff on the US election of late. The man knows how to stir shit when he wants. I can't say I agree with most of what he says, but I also think he's throwing out line to catch him some big fishies. But what I CAN agree with him on is his latest - I can't wait until the debates too.

Obama's empty rhetoric vs McCain's brainwashed party-line. These could either be the most vapid and hollow discussions about "issues" ever, or there could be some historic fuckups. If this was the real "straight-talk" McCain of years past, he'd win by a country mile. If ANY of that guy gets through, the Dems will be running for cover. If it just comes down to eloquence though? Obama's got it in the bag. McCain is just a terrible liar.

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