Monday, December 29, 2008

Brief Rant

What the fuck is this Bromance shit? It's being advertised non-stop on whatever channel I have in the background (I think it's an MTV show, but since CTV owns MTV and everything else in Canada now, the ad is on every fucking channel). Brody Jenner (just discovered he even existed, shows how much I'm into reality TV) is looking for a new best friend to have a "bromance" with?

Why not just call it Gay Bachelor and end it there? At least Gay Bachelor would be mildly progressive instead of frat boys trying to pretend that competing to be friends with some never-was guy who's entire raison d'être seems to be filling in time in bad television shows is anything BUT homoerotic. How many times will the phrase "dude, this is totally NOT gay" be said?

Seriously? BROMANCE? WTF? And people thought I was gay.

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