Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Running Out of Time

So after a string of terrible SnG games, I decided to play in some large-field cheap donkey MTT last night. The $8 $100k turbo on Stars. 39th out of 2700 isn't too bad, even if it only paid $39... at least it was quick.

A few ridiculous suckouts that went my way (77 turns into a flush over a flopped ace that beat me, flopping double-gutshots against overpairs, etc..) kept me going. I was in and out of the top 30 with regularity, and finally decided with half my stack committed and an M < 3 if I folded that a s00ted K-crap was good against a donkey bigstack who was playing with crap... turns out it didn't beat his s000ted A-crap... at least I was live.

So, it was donkfest turbo with over 2000 players, and I made it to the top 1.5%. Yet when it's 9 people in an SnG, I can't seem to even cash of late. I forgot until yesterday afternoon (reading LJ's post) that what little success I've had in this game has come in bigger fields. I play pretty decent survival poker, which obviously isn't enough to WIN, but is at least enough to keep from losing money so quickly.

So why the hell haven't I been playing super-cheap donkfests? I mean, should I be training for the blogger tourney on Saturday? What's wrong with me? Of course, now I have no time to hone my skills, since I plan to prep and pack tonight, and have work dinner tomorrow (hence the packing tonight). Obviously, I didn't give this enough thought.

Then again, I'll probably play at least one, if not two, Venetian or Caesar's tourneys on Friday, so that should help. I'd be all over that charity game Al was pimping, except the details are scarce.

From what I gathered:

$200+30 buy-in to play with a bunch of poker pros in a game for Leukemia and Lymphoma. But it looks like it's a REBUY with a gaggle of pros. So $200+30 + multiple rebuys + add-on gets pretty damned expensive. It looks like all rebuys and add-ons go to the charity, which means you're a ponce if you don't rebuy or add-on.

No details on structure on the site, or payout, or anything else. Hey, I'm all for charity, but I'd like to know what I'm getting into here. I played in the worst-organized charity game ever last year, but at least they provided the basic information.

That aside, it still has the potential to be far too pricey for my bankroll, especially with the US$ where it is these days vs the Loonie. Nope... Venetian tournament it is!

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