Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stray Thoughts

Or, how Vegas is going to cost me money and why my registration may be for naught.

Despite 3 epic posts recapping the trip, there are always smaller moments, conversatios, and general nuances that get missed.

One of those is one of the many chats I had with Penner42. I've hung out with the Penners before in Vegas, and they were two of the first bloggers I met on my first gathering trip out there (summer 07). Until now, I didn't know how much a photography guy he was. So during the tournament we talked lenses. He had the one I wanted next, I had the one he still needs. He also happens to have very nice telephoto and added another lens to my wish list. The 10-22 wide angle zoom takes some VERY nice shots, and now I'm jealous.

No Vegas, no desire to pick up that lens now too. There goes the winnings.

Then there's the Poker Stars blogger game. I registered, and then looked at the satellite schedule. What. The. Fuck? 2pm EST? 5pm? I guess since the Euro market is their focus these days, that us North Americans are stuck in the cold.

I can't make a 2pm game. I can't make a 5pm game unless I pre-register and rush home. I could play the Saturday NLHE game, except I have a birthday dinner/party to go to that evening. In short, there's a good chance I won't play in a single satellite game, making my entire registration useless for me, and temporary free advertising for Stars.


BamBam said...

I was in the same boat, with tonight's 5:00pm. game. Then when I went on to register at 3:00pm and hope that I could make it back by 6:00pm., I saw the schedule on Stars read 7:00pm.

More WTF ? BUT.........

I may just make that time!

Just a heads up.

Great reads about the weekend! I may just have to get you hooked on the Penny Slot's in June though!


alan said...

Sorry about that. At least you have winnings to blow on a lens. I lost about half the price of the next one I want while I was there...

Let me know when you decide on a picture for a print.