Thursday, December 04, 2008

How Interesting is Your Home?

I take a lot of pictures. No, I mean A LOT. It drives people nuts when I bring my camera somewhere, because I'm endlessly snapping shots... often to the point where I don't actually experience what I'm taking pictures of. For instance, my one week in Iceland? Around 3000 pictures.

Israel was about half that, but I had a smaller memory card and worse battery life.

When I'm home though, I often fiddle around with settings and lighting and such to learn a bit more about my cameras. But I find that my place is actually very boring from the photgraphic perspective.

I have a few things that are interesting enough to compose a scene with, but not so much that makes an interesting background. The dining room table suffices as a reflective, relatively neutral surface, but there's nothing around it that is interesting. My office is a mess, and when clean, it's boring. Unexciting walls and carpet (originally meant to be a guest bedroom... you want it to be boring enough that they leave) don't make for great shots. And I can't help but feel like anything I do set up looks exactly like that... that it's set up.

Which is probably why so many pictures from within my four walls are of the cats.

No real point here, just something that bugs me every time I pick up a camera and don't head outside.


Unknown said...

Why don't you frame and hang some of your pictures on your boring walls?

They even convert pictures to oil paintings these days...turns out amazing.

BamBam said...

Wanna' swap for a weekend?

Don't even own a camera and I'd love some pics of the cave here!

Maybe if you actually made it up to one of my home games, we could work out a buy-in vs. photo-shoot deal?


FWIW having been there, I think you downplay the actual appeal of your humble abode. And that's saying a lot! Coming from the worlds largest City hater.

Astin said...

It's not that I find my place boring, just unexciting from a photographic standpoint.

I love most of the decorating (although I do need more art/photos on the walls), but they make for boring backgrounds if I'm taking a picture of something. Nothing wrong with the rooms, they just make poor studios :).

Goatlady said...

If a painter can make an apple on a table look interesting, I am sure you have something just as common that your keen camera eye can make intriguing!