Monday, December 08, 2008

Food (no pics)

I've been very lazy in the photographing of food lately. Bad me, especially since my camera is constantly on the counter.

But that doesn't mean I've been lazy in the making-food department. Although with my new stand mixer (Cuisinart 5.5 qt 800W... black) it's been more baking of late. Maybe it has to do with winter as well.

Shortbread cookies that need a little tweaking (I may drop the brown sugar, and definitely cook a couple minutes longer) after being taken from one of my favourite cookbooks (if not used enough).

Banana bread that is nearly perfect (needs a bit more baking soda and a couple less minutes in the oven) after combining a couple recipes (mom's and Alton's). This also led to me finally mixing up the dirtiest-sounding thing in my kitchen - Alton Brown's kitchen lube (vegetable shortening and flour, works great for greasing things).

Cream of mushroom soup which turned out pretty damned well for a first try. I Frankensteined a few different recipes together and added some of my own twists. Five types of mushrooms, all delicious. Next time? More garlic, salt and pepper, heavier cream, and maybe more flour.

And of course, a good ol' fashioned tenderloin steak. Juicy and red with oil, alderwood smoked salt, kosher salt, fresh ground black pepper. Side of fried potato and sweeet potato. Yum.

Good timing too, since Wednesday is Christmas dinner with work people, and Thursday-Sunday is Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

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