Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bonne Année!

Everybody have Earth-shaking, shiver-inducing, rock-n-rollin' New Years plans for tonight?

Oh, you're playing The Mookie. That's cool. I have no money on FT until tomorrow. Such willpower have I!

I'll be at a party, possibly drinking my face off, more likely mixing drinks for people who have dubbed me their personal bartender. Let me warn you, the drunker I am, the drunker I'll make you. Also, I prefer drinks that are ONLY alcohol.

I've had trepidations about this party, mostly because the number of people I actually know there could be small. But I'm swinging my thought process over to the "fuck it, go and have a blast anyway" mentality, which is always the right state of mind to go to a party in.

Every year I don't hold the party, I'm reminded why I do. I bring all my circles of friends into one cohesive mess of bodies. 30-40 people mingling about in my condo, some getting reaquainted, others meeting for the first time, and most saying, "Hey! What's new since last week?" When I don't hold it, the groups splinter and I get pulled three ways, feeling bad about the ones I don't make it to.

Plus, I throw a pretty kick-ass New Year's hootenanny. Which is probably why everyone checks with me before organizing their own. I was asked at least 4 times in the last two weeks, "Are you throwing a party?" Silly humans should know that when I throw a New Year's party, the notice goes out in October so you have no excuse to get out of it.

So tonight I'll drive to my friend's place, drink my face off, and drive home. No... wait... that's asinine. I'll take the streetcar to my friend's place, drink my face off, and then see who wins the streetcar vs cab battle royal for the honour of taking my ass home. Driving drunk is idiotic.

Be safe, get home alive, and have a blast with whatever you do tonight. Tomorrow's a new year! Unless you're Chinese (or any of the other cultures that celebrate the lunar New Year) or Jewish, in which case tomorrow is Thursday and a strange mid-week day off.

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