Monday, December 01, 2008

Maybe I Don't Eat

It's been a long time since a food post graced these pages. I have some pictures somewhere... hmm.

Anyway, I still eat well, although the last week has been largely takeout and restaurant fare. Thai ginger beef, turkducken, assorted sub, pizza, varenyky (perogies)... so at least that's shown variety.

I'm in a bit of a cooking rut. I have a lack of vegetables in my place. Some peppers, lettuce, and frozen corn don't inspire much beyond a salad. So I've turned to my freezer. Beef stew, butternut squash soup, mystery foil-wrapped substance.

But last night... ohhhh last night.

I woke up at 5pm. I wanted breakfast, but it was nearly time for dinner.

I made a hamburger bun.. it was too tiny. Stupid yeast. I made another with different yeast (what, you don't have two jars of yeast in your fridge?). It worked a bit better. I sliced up some dill pickle. I tore off lettuce. I shaved slices of applewood smoked english cheddar. I sautéed onions, white mushrooms and cremini mushrooms with balsamic vinegar. I fried up some boar bacon. I fried up the elk patty in the bacon fat. I fried an egg in the elk and bacon fat. I put it all together with some ketchup and honey-garlic mustard. I put some sweet potato fries next to it all. My stomach hated me while singing my praises.

Then at 2am, I threw some milk, eggs, flour, salt, sugar, and yeast into a bread machine and set the timer. At 6:45 this morning my home was filled with the aroma of egg bread. I didn't have the time to cut a slice without being late for work. It was delicious.

I still have a muscovy duck breast in my freezer calling out for some ground orange peel, roasted garlic salt, and marash pepper, but it needs the proper vegetable alongside it. Oh decisions.

But tonight... I have fresh made egg bread and lots of cheese. I have some Campbell's tomato soup in my pantry (and a load of herbs and rice to turn it into something else). I probably now have a very jealous best friend as well. Sorry.


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