Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Poker and Heroes

Out 224th in the Stars blogger game yesterday... which started at 7pm for some reason instead of 5.

I'll say this - the play was better than I expected, but still pretty craptacular. I made at least one bad laydown, and possibly two, that cost me chips when I should have been committed. Weak poker on my part for sure. Of course, my starting table had CK 3 seats to my left, but I was moved about 3 or 4 times while the game went on.

I think I'll do some Christmas shopping tonight, especially since the Omaha Hi/Lo game that is tonight's event doesn't start until 10pm. I have no idea what to get my friends, so this might necessitate some mall shopping. Ugh.

Heroes. I haven't talked much about it here, but it HAS improved over the last while. Of course, this chapter ended this week, and doesn't return until February 2nd. Goat gives this week's episode a "meh-plus", and I agree.

Things that bug me - Nathan is written terribly. Peter has been proven right time and again and has SEEN THE FUCKING FUTURE about what Nathan's plan brings, but big brother refuses to listen. He found God at one point, but now is evilish? Hero concentration camps? Could we steal more directly from X-Men please? Maybe Adrian Pasdar just doesn't have the acting chops to pull this off convincingly, but I blame bad writing more.

Peter gets his powers back! I'll assume he's starting from scratch though, so he should be able to fly and make blue flames come from his hands, and maybe have Mohinder's strength too. Do they keep him from Claire? Or does he even have the power-absorbing ability?

Ando has powers, Hiro doesn't. I wonder if Ando's turbocharging ability can revive stolen powers? Maybe Arthur doesn't really take them so much as suppress them. Sadly, the writer's understanding of Einsteining physics is... a touch flawed, and a very weak plot point for rescuing Hiro.

Nice to see future painting Africa guy is still alive and non-decapitated.

Is Sylar really, truly dead this time? Please? I love Sylar, but if you're going to kill him, leave him that way.

Why couldn't Claire saved her mom? It's not like she hasn't been horribly burned before... she walked into a nuclear explosion once! I'll also assume bio-mom died from a building falling on her instead of the fire she's immune to.

And Hiro's destruction of the formula comes waaaaay too late. Mohinder's stil alive and no doubt knows the formula inside and out. Missing the catalyst is an issue, but knowing that it exists just means he has to rediscover it. I'm sure Tracy will do all she can ot facilitate that. I wonder if Bruce Boxleitner will be back.

President Worf! Awesome. Too bade Nathan's new plan is totally lame and will make the next chapter Heroes Prison Break or Heroes Fugitive or something. I wonder if they cast Michael Dorn after Obama won? Would it have been an old white guy if McCain did? Turnaround on a TV episode, especially a single scene in a limo, can be very quick. Anyway, that gives as a Dr. Who, Sulu, Worf, Captain Sheridan (Babylon 5), Malcolm (Enterprise), and Uhura so far from the Sci-Fi pantheon doing guest shots. At least they know their audience... now let's try and get Mr. Wheaton in there for some Blogger love.

A month and a half off, and then it competes with Battlestar Galactica. Man, if you think Heroes looks bad now, wait until you have a direct comparison with BSG's new and final episodes going.

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