Tuesday, December 02, 2008


A Separatist, Socialist, and citizen of France walk into a bar...

A joke? Nope. Meet our potentially new government. With a likely vote of non-confidence next Monday, the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc Quebecois have agreed to terms of a coalition to usurp the minority Conservatives.

Esentially, the NDP and Liberals would stick together through June 2011, and the Bloc would go along until 2010. From what I gather, this means they wouldn't vote in a way that would break up the government (ie.- vote with the coalition on all confidence votes - ie.- must-pass legislation like budgets), but would vote freely on other items. The NDP would have some cabinet seats (giving them the most power they've ever had), and the Bloc would effectively have veto power as their vote would swing the decision either way.

So yah... that sounds really stable.

If we were in economic boom times, I might support this cockeyed concept of a coalition. The NDP contributing to Liberal policy often results in respectable social advancements. But in these times? Keep the NDP as far away from decision-making as possible. What this group will accomplish is to fall in lock-step with the ridiculous idea that throwing money at the problem will fix it. Canada has so far held out very well in this situation, and the Conservative plan of minimal direct stimulus while trying to maintain a surplus instead of a deficit is admirable. I don't agree with two of the pillars of the "update" (cutting public funding of political parties and sale of pubic assets), but the overall idea is sound. If they cut those two items, the deficit would be a relatively small $2 billion spread over the next few years, and I could live with that. Plus, the Conservatives could save face by saying they were "forced" to run a deficit... which might explain the whole thing.

But of course, when I actually agree with a government, it falls apart due to short-sighted overly-socialistic views.

So, while I dislike the thought of another election, a mere month after the last one and promises of cooperation, I think it may be the best option over this coalition of the inadequate. Here's hoping someone blinks by Monday.


BamBam said...


I'm praying for it to be a demonstration of the "watch dog" affect on Mr. Harper, as a last ditch effort to get him to apply some sort of infastructure improvement plan.

Lord help our Country, should this actually be allowed to take place.

If it does, do you think we could get all of Quebec to move out to PEI? The get what they want and those farmers get WAY more land, to grow those yummy red potatoes.


Astin said...

All the infrastructure money's gone to Quebec the last six years... and their roads still suck!

Yah, I'd love to see some infrastructure, but it has to be more than useless bridges and unnecessary road improvements. A high-speed rail line in the corridor would be nice. A clean nuclear plant or two. Mass transit solutions... crazy stuff like that. Granted, most of that would be through transfer payments.

As for the PEI switch, I just don't see Anne de les Pignons Verts being as popular. That and those fine PEI golf courses would become bilingual.