Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Jew? Muslim? Hindu? Buddhist? Taoist? Daoist? Shintoist? Confucianist? Satanist? Atheist? Agnostic? Deist? Mormon? Jehova's Witness? Rastafarian? Pastafarian? Cultist?

I don't care. Merry Christmas! It's Christmas for me, and I wish you a Merry one.

Now back to Stars, where I finally found a mildly comfortable way to deposit a few bucks. Still sitting at zero on Tilt until Seacrest wishes me a Happy New Year.


Guin said...

How did you get cash onto Stars? I am looking to kick up my online play again with that being the resolution for the new year.

Of course soon as I start playing again I come down with a cold!

Happy Solstice to you.

Astin said...

I used Click2Pay. It lets me still use my credit card (which won't accept Stars as a payee directly), and doesn't need my SIN like eChecks.

So less information required, and a level of protection via the credit card makes me happy. Sadly, the starting limit is a bit low, so I couldn't max out the redeposit bonus.

jjok said...

merry xmas to you also!