Wednesday, December 31, 2008


A story about finding money. A woman found $10k in a box of crackers she got from Whole Foods. Turns out an elderly woman had taken her life savings out of the bank because she was afraid of the economic problems. She hid the money in a box of crackers, and then forgot and returned the crackers to Whole Foods, where this other woman bought them.

I had a couple problems with the article.

Whole Foods claims returned foods are sent to compost, but a mix up had this box put back on the shelf. Later on, the finder says she would have noticed an open box, so the old woman must have glued it shut. This tells me that Whole Foods policy is actually "if it's not opened, put it back on the shelf." Which makes sense I guess, and not too many people will reverse-shoplift by poisoning packaged foods and replacing them on the shelf (yah, now you're paranoid too). It also tells me that old women are sneaky cheats. Let's assume this box of crackers is $5 because it's Whole Foods. The woman gets home, opens the box (but not the interior bag?), and decides she doesn't want them after all, so GLUES the box top back together and returns them!

Also, the couple who returned the money never heard from the old woman. You miraculously get your life savings returned after you've been told they're probably sitting in a compost heap and you don't even call to say thank you? This old woman is either senile or a complete bitch. I'd hate to be the kids on her lawn.

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OhCaptain said...

Who returns a box of crackers? Really?