Friday, December 19, 2008

Well That Felt Better

It's nice when a plan comes together... more-or-less.

Got the bulk of my Christmas shopping done yesterday. I missed the company Christmas party (and more importantly, the charity auction and free box of cookies), but that isn't that big of a deal.

I'm one of those people who will break out a Christmas carol in July, but this year I just wasn't feeling the spirit. Maybe it was the anticipation of Vegas that dulled it at first, followed by being in a desert, pre-snow, and inundated with cheesy covers of secular standards. Whatever the case, with 20cm (8") of snow falling at the moment, it's feeling more like Christmas in these parts.

Sadly, I am still sans tree. I really have no need for a real one, so went looking for the faux variety. Sadly, the options were limited and not that appealing. There's still one place to check out, but somehow I doubt the Noma ones will be all that impressive.

As my mother always says, "nobody's ever been sorry about buying quality." Which probably means I take a look at the high-end ones, the Balsam Hill, Frontgate, or Hammacher Schlemmer it seems (although I've seen some good things about Tree Classics as well). Anybody have any experience with these? When did buying a Christmas tree get complicated?

A few more items to pick up, and I should be pretty much done. I'm still in shock that Christmas is less than a week away now.

Now to figure out what's actually going on that day.

Or maybe I'll just have a nice cup of hot chocolate and pull out some recipes and make some Christmas treats. Yah, this will be a year for fudge again, and cookies, and maybe some corn flake wreaths. Mmmm... delicious corn flake wreaths.

Damn, maybe I'll make those tonight... with homemade marshmallows?

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Alan aka RecessRampage said...

You crack me up man. You would make things I don't even think to make (like marshmallows... I mean who doesn't just buy marshmallows!?). LOL