Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Little Cold Never Hurt Anyone

Sometime this week, a freezer is arriving at my place. Not a particularly large one, just 10 cubic feet I think, but a much-needed one.

My usual freezer, the one above the fridge, is perpetually full. Soups, meat, stews, home-made ice cream, meat, fruit, vegetables, meat, ice, meat, ice cream bowl, meat, bread, meat, and meat fill it up.

So, with a whole bunch more space added, it just gives me an excuse to make MORE food to be frozen and buy MORE meat. Maybe I'll start talking fractions of entire animals now...

Woo hoo!


OhCaptain said...

Nothing like going to your local butcher and ordering half a cow, half a pig and half a chicken.

Goatlady said...

You just tell me what you want, I can set you up with 1 whole rabbit or 20, 1/2 a goat, 1/4 cow - hey how about 1/2 a sheep!!! Great fun ahead for you! So next you are getting a generator?