Thursday, December 18, 2008

Remind Me To Go Home

Yesterday's original plan:

- Come in to work
- Do work
- Do Christmas shopping on way home
- Go home
- Make dinner (the plan involved poutine)
- Call family to see what the Christmas plans are
- E-mail brother who was stuck in a gondola for 3 hours on Tuesday at Whistler/Blackcomb
- Do a couple chores
- Play 10pm PLO8 Stars blogger game
- Sleep

What actually happened:

- Went to work
- Toronto Stock Exchange doesn't open all day, so we sit on our hands and kill time
- Went to bar with a couple co-workers to meet up with our favourite ex-co-worker
- Stayed at bar until 11pm
- Grabbed and ate McD's on way home
- Checked e-mail
- Talked to friend
- Ordered and shipped a Christmas gift to Switzerland
- Slept

Yah, productivity wasn't quite has high as expected. So today I skip the company Christmas party to do some more shopping (although I just took care of a whack of it online, just in time). I endeavour to avoid the malls at this time of year, which isn't THAT hard when you live downtown, but I'll probably have to brave the big one regardless. It seems I also need a new coat, possibly a Christmas tree (artificial all the way!), and who knows what else? Elbows high! Then, if there's time, a return to the company party for the auction.

Crisis? What crisis? I'm spending like it's going out of style. I can't wait until Boxing day.

Shit, that reminds me... need to check out a couple charity sites too. I recommend Child's Play.

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