Friday, January 30, 2009

3rd in a 10-Cent Rebuy

After missing the first numblowme event, I wasn't about to miss the second.

What? You want strategy on a $0.10 rebuy turbo? Please. I pushed almost every hand, went all over the place, and then built such a monster stack that I was in NO danger at my table, because everybody else had starting chips at my table. Then I went on a run and ended the first hour well in first.

That held until around the final table, when Schaubs and I kept switching between 1st and 2nd. We got to 3 with Stoner and he came from behind and clobbered us both. To say it was a fun way to win $25 is an understatement. Around 1.5 million chips in play and no care about the money makes for some... interesting situations.

Donkament tonight. $1 rebuy, 9pm EST @ Full Tilt, PW: Donkarama.

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