Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Il Fait Froid

-20C, feels like -30. That's the forecast for tomorrow morning. Oh, and sunny. To translate to "I can't do math in base-10" American temps: -4, feels like -22. Your measurement system is fucked up.

It was effectively -25 when I was heading home last night... or as we call it in Canada - "chilly".

It was certainly a few degrees below "crisp", and nowhere near "refreshing" or "invigorating".

Be glad Eh Vegas is in March this year.

So what does one do in such cold? Why, play The Mookie! Team IT had a rough showing last week, what with the Power Couple taking 1st and 2nd. I'd make some comment about playing in the same room, but we know how Lucko gets when accused of collusion. I KID! We also know that both Lucko and LJ love taking a piece out of each other on the felt. What else they do on the felt? We'll just leave that to the imagination. I'm imagining a game of D&D, or perhaps a large jigsaw puzzle being done over a few months as "together time". Where was I? Oh yah, Team IT getting bupkis and Team "I didn't pick the Canadians from Toronto for my team and Astin isn't linking me in this post" taking a big lead out of the gate. It's time to step up and fix that. Let's see if NumbBono and Bayne are up to the task. I'll probably fall asleep after the first break.

Okay, I've obviously got nothing and am rambling. Time to stop.


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

You give them too much credit... They probably play an online HU SNG for "together time."


After writing that, I got scared that maybe it IS true...

lj said...

lately we've been watching wire season 4 (best season of tv ever imo). lol at us colluding. i did play d&d in sixth grade, ftr, but it ended there.

Schaubs said...

Link me bitch.

I didn't draft you because I was using 2008 Mookie stats as a basis for my picks. I don't think you cashed much last year... How I made more money than you is another question.

Please tank it.

Thank you.

mookie99 said...

Good luck tonight.