Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rather Be Lucky

Played a wee touch of poker last night. I jumped into the 8pm PLO8 Tuckfard game on Tilt for the first time in... ever (it used to be HORSE). I chipped up early, walked away to scoop ice cream from the ice cream maker to a container, came back, and proceeded to give my chips away. No biggie, as a $3 PLO8 game is entirely for fun, and impossible to get upset with.

After my ousting, I went back to not playing poker for a while, and continued to work through the massive DVD collection I have stuffed into my entertainment unit. Around 10:30, I decided I was done lying on a couch and went back to the virtual felt. A $26 45-man and a $26 90-man turbo KO seemed about right for my mood.

The 45er went... poorly. The 90 was a case of yelling loud enough to catch my outs. Flushes on the turn and river, chasing those 11-15-outers and hitting, and sucking in the TP-shitkicker donkeys whenever a set was flopped or my overpairs were good. Naturally, I expected every out possible for my opponents to hit when I was ahead, but generally... they didn't. When we were down to 15 or so, I built a dominating (2.5x 2nd place) lead on a couple made flushes, and I believe by the time the final table hit, I had made back my buy-in on KO's. One perfectly acceptable (if disheartening) beat gave the biggest donkey at the table the chiplead, and he proceeded to luckbox his way through 3 or 4 of the players. I finished 4th thanks to his donkish domination, as opposed to any ability on my part. It put me back to positive on the year, which I can't complain about.


We've all been there - go read Change's latest post about her airline troubles trying to get to Sunny Santiago. In reality, it's a standard tale of short connection times being missed (as I touch every piece of wood nearby in regards to my upcoming Floridian connections), but with an ending that is far less common in these tales. I don't know why, but I liked it... maybe she just writes good.

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