Friday, January 16, 2009

NFL Picks?

Why, everyone else is doing it, why not me? Just because I don't follow football in the slightest, or get WHY people love it so much (outside of the betting of course) is no reason why I can't contribute.

Eagles vs Cardinals

Please. Eagles are fucking huge and fly fucking high and see really fucking good and can screech really fucking loud. Cardinals are red, sound like a squeaky wheel, and are the size of my fist. Eagles kill Cardinals easy. Also, it's Arizona! Didn't Toronto almost buy them once because they sucked so hard?

Ravens vs Steelers

What? Only one bird in this one? At least it's a raven, which is a pretty bad-ass bird. Big honking black carrion-eating emissary of evil vs the Village People? Yah, tough call. I mean sure, steelworkers are all strong and work hard and stuff, as long as they aren't reaching for that rainbow, but all a raven has to do is start reminding them of their lost love Lenore (or "Lenny" if you will) and they'll get all weepy and frazzled. Ravens beat them down emotionally and then feast on their entrails.

So that means Ravens vs Eagles for the Superbowl. That is one BADASS aviary pairing. I just remembered, I have Superbowl plans this year, I guess that means I should care enough to watch a bit on Sunday so I can bullshit my way through the game on the 1st.


Bayne_S said...

Steelers are unionized which means they don't put out the extra effort and demand extra pay for overtime.

In the air a Cardinal kicks an Eagles ass because it can change direction quicker.

Crows chase Hawks away all the time. Fighters planes are smaller than bombers.

Riggstad said...

Ya but this is a land war!!!