Monday, January 05, 2009

New Year

I have resolutions in my head, but I know I'll likely follow through with none of them.

Well, maybe I'll actually lose some weight. I hit a new middle figure today in the ol' 3-digit count, once again topping my all-time high. This can't continue. I know I can drop around 20lbs in 4 months without much effort if I just commit, but that requires... commitment.

And maybe I'll improve my poker game. I had a rather unspectacular weekend, with a 2nd place finish for a couple hundred in a 45-man $26 SnG as my biggest score, followed by winning my way into the $750k on Tilt for $75 instead of the $215. I should have taken the T$ and ran, but I felt like playing some bigger MTTs. The 50-50 was a bust, as was the $22 $100. As usual, I can lay a good chunk of the blame at the feet of distraction and boredom, which are really just my own faults to deal with.

There's also a bunch on the work front I need to work on, but motivation is always hard to come by in my head. I don't really know why.

2008 was better than 2007... 2009 should be better than 2008 if I put the slightest effort into making it so.

My most immediate goal though? Get my damned home theatre set up again... where are those cables I ordered 2 weeks ago?

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