Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Quick aside - he was loved in New York, and Toronto was no different. Mookie Wilson was one of our favourites during his 2 1/3 seasons here with the Jays. Hey, it's who I think of every time our Mookie comes up.

So I'm BACK. My Tilt account is reloaded, and I've been playing a bit since the New Year. It's been up and down, but overall going well. The ol' bankroll is up about 30% from Friday's reload, thanks largely to a couple decent SnG showings and the ease that is winning T$ in the $2 rebuy 50-50 satellite.

I've been hitting SICK hands like days of yore, and am once again disappointed if I don't see aces at least once or twice during a game. Let's see what I recall from yesterday.

Flopped a set of 8's, got it all-in (I had him covered) vs a flopped set of aces... d'oh! Case 8 for quads on the river!

Turning a boat that beat a turned flush.

Getting it all-in with an all-heart flop holding AhKx vs 78h... and turning the nut flush.

Turning a straight, then flopping the straight on the next hand.

Calling for the set to save my ass and hitting it (JJ vs AK, K on flop)

Oh, and of course the run of cards like AA, KK, AK, JJ, AQs, etc. and getting PAID.

Riding 1st place through entire games, and remembering how to play when I had twice the chips of 2nd place.

I guess I finally found my horseshoe again. Just in time too, because Tragedy went and drafted me in his MASSIVE bet with Schaubs for Mookie cashes.

Which of course, kicks off tonight! You know the drill. 10pm EST, $10+1, password: vegas1. I'll see you there. Just remember, if I'm raising, I have aces. If I don't have aces, I'll catch in the worst possible way.


Shrike said...

I'm glad ONE Canuck is running well.

Give me some of that ol' luck.


mookie99 said...

Welcome back and good luck tonight.