Wednesday, January 28, 2009

If It's Broke... Break it More?

So I've been having issues with my cell phone provider.

I might have ranted here about discovering I'd been overcharged for a while on my bill. Bell had switched plans on me without informing me, and for a year, I was being overcharged by $15-19 + taxes per month. I fully admit I should have caught it sooner. When I called Bell to get this fixed, I got generally unhelpful responses, and hung up with nothing resolved other than the fact I *could* change my plan if I got the right number for them to find it.

Instead, I got in touch with a friend on the inside and he started the process to get me elevated to someone who could actually do something. I had 3 months of the difference credited back, and an easy switch to my corporate plan. Yay!

Except for when the bill came in.

The plan I'm on includes unlimited nights and weekends. I'm being charged for it. they added Bell-to-Bell unlimited calling, and are charging me for it. There's a system access fee... when there shouldn't be under my corporate plan. My base rate has a 20% promotional discount applied to bring it in line with what it SHOULD be, but those discounts are easily removed when one is not looking.

All told, that's $22/month extra I'm being charged. They actually managed to fuck up more!

I've already placed the call to have it fixed and credited.

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