Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Can Has Bailout?

Lewis Black was on The Daily Show last night, doing his regular segment of Back in Black. The topic? Bailouts.

It should have been obvious to everyone that once the Fed handed money to the banks, and then let just about anybody who dealt with money become a bank, and then said "aw fuck it, here's money if you want it financial world." that everyone would come knocking for a handout.

The auto companies were a no-brainer. They were asking come hell or high water. I expect the airlines to beg too. Then hotels of course. And malls. Retailers.

Towns, cities, states...

Some of the more ridiculous:

- Porn. Larry Flynt asked for money, because everyone's depressed and need porn for their sex life.
- Environmentally friendly golf courses
- Boat show operators
- A mafia museum in Las Vegas ($50 million to build the thing!)

So, why not ask for one yourself? Some of you are self-employed and run fairly successful small businesses. You should totally ask for taxpayer money.

The fact is, the government just squeezed out as much toothpaste as possible, and now can't get it back in the tube, so it goes down the drain.

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