Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm Glad My Couch is Comfortable

So, my most awesome friend came over on Saturday to help me finally rebuild my home entertainment system. I've had the receiver and Blu-Ray player sitting in my place for a couple weeks now, and the cables arrived on Monday. But I also have a multi-piece entertainment unit that requires a couple people to dismantle so I could get to the back and start unwiring and rewiring.

It went pretty smoothly, with apparently just one snag (my Archos DVR Station isn't outputing the Red channel in its composite out). DVD player out, Blu-Ray (Panasonic DMP-BD35) in. Yamaha HTR-5760 out, Yamaha HTR-6190B (RX-V1800) in. Gamecube out, Wii properly hooked up with component cables instead of composite in the front panel. DVR station moved and hooked up to rear connections instead of front ones. Wires hidden. Speakers hooked up with wires of the right length and gauge. Laserdisc player hooked up so it works again. Digital cable plugged in the right place. And in the end... a whack of connections into the receiver, one connection into the TV (from the receiver).

I've laid the speaker wire under the rug and couch to hide it, but that's about as much cleanup as I've done so far. I just don't want to get up after sitting down in front of my clean, uncluttered system. I ran a test scene with Iron Man before any configuration of speakers and such. WOW.

We grabbed some grub (burritos and poutine! North American cuisine without that pesky US food). We came back and popped in Wanted after setting up the speakers (yay Yamaha's YPAO). WOW! The sound was simply amazing. I had a 7.1 setup before, but it was simulated as the source (DVD) was never more than 5.1.

Finally, The Dark Knight was put in and didn't disappoint. That opening IMAX scene was absolutely gorgeous, and the sound was of course top notch. All-in-all... I couldn't be happier with my purchase. If you don't see me at the tables this week, it's because I'm watching movies I've already seen and drooling.


Mike Maloney said...

I love the IMAX Dark Knight scenes, think they're tremendous. I'm also jealous of your speaker setup.

Shrike said...

I'm doing the same thing this week, as well as some mid-week skiing. Fun times!