Thursday, January 29, 2009

Aggravating End, Good Start

At least it was quick.

Played some poker last night. Started off with the Mookie, where I read my opponent just right except that he was a total donkey (which is something that should be assumed I guess). Bet on the flop and turn with overcards, not putting him on anything. The Kh on the river told me that he'd just caught a card. He checked, I checked behind, and he flips over AJh for the flush vs my AQo. That ate up a good chunk of my stack.

Then I went out to Bayne when he came over the top on the flop with a diamond draw vs my overpair. I looked at the very unscary board and figured him for exactly that. I pushed, he called, and turned his flush of course and I was your Gigli. At least the last of my chips went to a fellow team IT member... I wonder how he did.

So, my reads were bang on, but it didn't really matter.

So I fired up a 45-man SnG and a 90-man doublestack KO turbo. And proceeded to lose both to similar situations, where I read my opponents right, and they caught on the later streets. I played a couple 1-tables and died early in those too. The only time I went out or lost significant chips from behind was when I pushed 88 on the button into the BB's Aces. The one that ended it for me was my flopped trips losing to a rivered boat when the single 3 hit to match my opponent's pockets. After that, I knew it was time to give up for the night.

On the flipside, when I got into work this morning, I got a call from my Bell rep. "You are correct sir, you shouldn't be charged this."

"What about this?"

"Oh? You don't want that? Okay, gone and credited for last month."

"And this?"

"Well, that should be a charge, I made a mistake when I told you it was included. But since I told you that you wouldn't be charged, I'll put a 3 year credit on the account, so you'll be charged and credited simultaneously each bill."

"And is this other promo discount permanent?"


And just like that, $22/month in overcharges were gone.

He might have actually removed some other legitimate one-time charges that were on the bill as well since the account was in transition last month. So good start on the day.

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Shrike said...

In Team Schaubs vs. Team IT deathmatch in later stages of tourney Bayne re-raised my CO open of tens with AQdd. I pushed, he called, ten on flop, Bayne goes home now.