Friday, January 09, 2009

Finish Him!

Man, if only you could knock people out of poker games like Scorpion knocks people out of Mortal Kombat.

The ToC for my regular home game is this Sunday. I've dominated the season with 3 wins, a 2nd place, and a 6th place in the 5 games I made it out for. That was more than enough for 1st in the leaderboard, with over double the points of 2nd place. I'm also the only 3-time winner and back-to-back winner as well.

So I fully expect to crash and burn this Sunday. Structure and setup is the same as always, as is the buy-in structure. The difference is that the pot has been juiced with rake from the previous games. The 5 level rebuy period should be extra nuts with this crowd.

The Full Tilt jersey will make an appearance, and perhaps the sunglasses and Bodog cap as well. They've worked so far after all. I think the fact they're the opposite of intimidating is what works for me, although I imagine a few guys will be gunning for me early and often since I've proven to be hard to kill when the blinds get high. With luck, I'll be able to turn that into a massive stack by the end of the rebuy period. If not... well, I'm up around $1000 in this series so far, so I've got some money to burn on rebuys.

Then it restarts all over again in February.

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