Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where'd This Time Come From?

Oh, that's right. I opted to play less poker.

This week has seen night after night where I say, "it's only 9:30?" and I find myself in bed by 1am. The fact I've subsisted on leftovers and gifted food has helped too (chili Monday, lamb Tuesday, chili again Wednesday). Reheating is much easier than cooking.

But that naturally leaves me jonesing to make something. So I did.

Beer & Thyme bread is interesting. The beer and thyme flavouring are subtle, but strong enough to limit the usefulness of the loaf. It goes very nicely with meat, especially the chili. It works strangely with peanut butter. It's a bit off with regular butter, but that could have been due to its right-from-the-machine freshness. I may have to pick up some roast beef to try it as a sandwich tonight. I wonder how much of the flavour is influenced by the fact I used one of the cheapest beers I had in the place - a can of Lucky lager someone left last year... possibly last New Year's eve or Eh-Vegas.

Then there's the ice cream. I froze it last night, but can already say it's delicious. There's a tea store in Toronto called Tealish that sells a ton of pretty awesome loose-leaf teas. Walking in the door, you're assailed with the smells of tea, fruit, and nuts. It's quite amazing. One of the teas I picked up on my first visit was Lemon Meringue - a blend of green and red Rooibos that is lemony and creamy. When I bought it, my though was "this would make a great ice cream." I was right. The subtle tea flavour and strong lemon meringue flavour makes a great combination.

If anyone's interested, maybe I'll throw put up the recipes later.

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